Why removing Google Reader from the Line-Up is a mistake.

This morning I got a text that read “have you heard about google reader?” and the word “no” came out of my mouth like in a thriller mover when they finally see the thing that’s been chasing them.

Hopefully I’m not breaking the news to you but Google has decided to cut Google Reader from their lineup of apps. I have been using Google Reader since 2004 and as they’ve taken functionality away (share in particular) I have been disappointed but the alternatives have not been good enough to move.

Here’s why I think this is a huge mistake:

Google has placed an increased emphasis on the creation of relevant content as a key function to increase natural search position. Given this, brands and people looking to create a platform, have started blogging as a method to constantly refresh, create, generate content around their message.

So now we have a mass of content to read from brands and people we have become attached to and no where to do so in an efficient way.

From a company perspective forcing readers to my webpage has more power as I can expose you to other relevant brand messages in my sidebar and in headers – some of which will be paid advertising spots.  So from a business perspective I can see the support coming in for the removal of Google Reader.

The downside is for the consumer of this content – your ability to consume countless blog posts each day will diminish – your desire to visit 300 pages each day will stifle your productivity and you will become more selective.

Will this force the cream to rise or will it hurt the new-comers to the blogosphere?  Time will tell.