Patient vs. Passive

I can not actually tell you the number of times I’ve been told to “be patient”. It’s a lot.

Patience is something that I really struggle with and last night as I was chatting with a good friend something was shared with me that had me re-reading it again this morning:

It’s important to distinguish between patience and passivity. Patience doesn’t necessarily mean waiting. You can be actively working toward something that isn’t necessarily imminent.”

I have great friends who are ridiculously smart.  I’m really lucky. I think my issue has been largely tied up in how I was defining patience and I was largely defining it as passive – it was a wait and see game and my ability to impact outcome was negligible. I realized this morning that I need to pick a different definition for patience.  So that when people are kind enough to show me the patience to instruct me to have patience I will have something positive to take from it instead of a cue to roll my eyes.

This is the one I’m going with: quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence. It’s positive. It’s focused. It’s the kind of patience I could marinate into.

Is there a word that repels you?  Do you need to re-write the definition?



  1. Amy says

    Thank you for this! I get all weird whenever someone says the word “deserve”. Maybe I just need to debunk my thinking!