I love: ranunculus (Arena’s Florist Rochester, NY)

I’ve been tying up the loose ends on a few client projects lately and have begun the search for my next fun project. Some people think that the whole idea about scouting my clients is a line.  It isn’t. It goes something like this: I find something that I find really interesting. I look for someone that does it better and different than others and then I offer to help elevate there presence online. I’m not seeking fame – I’m seeking passion.

My next client will be in the floral business – one part florist one part bold greatness. I’m scouting a few local companies because I’ve really loved getting to work with people face to face lately.  We shall see. Today I was visiting Arena’s – this place is like a day dreamers paradise – it is magnificent, carefully curated, thoughtfully presented.

I was browsing there display of fresh flowers, plants and succulents (I LOVE SUCCULENTS – see Merry Pad’s wedding favors I want to do this and place them all over my life) and I saw them: ranunculus. I was not expecting to see them – I think the eariest I’ve ever found them before is in March.

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CassJustCurious (6 of 6)

Are they not the most gorgeous flower you’ve ever seen. More detailed than a rose – understated but fully lovely. Locke agrees.