Dear Lexi – Disney Memories

Dear Lexi,

I have about two dozen notecards of little memories from the last week on vacation.  Each note has a little picture and a memory that I will hold inside my heart forever and I hope you will hold too.

You love the movie Monsters, Inc. which I always thought was funny because kids and monsters don’t so much go together.  So we were standing in line to meet Sully & Mike W. and I said to you how funny it would be if you scared THEM or if you pretended to be scared (alla home alone face) to which you just couldn’t comply because you were so darn happy to snuggle with them.  So you march up – give them big hugs.  We take a lovely picture and Sully is like a stealth because you apparently did not know that he want from smiling at the camera to doing this.  At which point you FREAK out – your face was filled with TERROR. I’m proud that while I did laugh I did drop the camera to assure you all was okay.

You will probably never watch Monsters, Inc again but I assure you – before this incident you loved it.