Dear Lexi

Dear Lexi,

Today I just want to tell you thank you. I know that my job as your Mom is to teach you and love you but it seems that your role as my child has been to teach me and love me too. And you do it really perfectly Lex.

You teach me to try – try again – try some more. You’re enthusiasm for grasping something is so sweet that it has pushed me in exactly the right direction.

You want things now and you live in exactly the present moment and while it’s good to learn to delay gratification it’s also good to just LIVE right here.  I’m so grateful for that.

Silliness is rewarded with belly laughs and your belly laughs make me laugh. If you’re not having fun now make sure you’re having fun later.

When you take medicine you insist on water then candy…and I love this because when you’re doing something that doesn’t taste good but you know that it has to happen it’s good to follow it up with some water and candy.

You say possibility and it reminds me of how freaking deep and wide that word is and how I could swim in it all day and marinate and never quite have enough because it is around us all the time.  Possibility. You say it perfectly.

When you are not understood you try again, you try a different way, you wait and then you try again because to you being understood is what it’s all about and I have needed this reminder. You are an amazing model of patience and perseverance.

Out of this world is how much I love you and then back because we’re better together.

Love you,



  1. Kristin Myers says

    I am constantly amazed by how much I learn from my children. At times they parent me just as much as I parent them. And perhaps more effectively.