10 Things to Love about Valentines Day

  1. Some people that never ever get flowers get flowers today. I can find happiness in that joy. I also find happiness that I am not paying a premium on flowers today because I like to buy them on days when it is not “required.”
  2. Hearts. They are pretty.
  3. My child is a glow of getting little papers that I will have to chase around the house for at least a week before I can decide that they are in fact garbage. But she’s excited.
  4. I might have a secret admirer. I might not. But you can’t really tell me that I don’t because it’s a secret. I like this.
  5. Tomorrow all this delicious chocolate gets a steep discount.
  6. Pink nails. It’s something I typically don’t enjoy but today it feels allowed. So I’m doing it. Professionalism be damned.
  7. Love. Yes, lets do it everyday – this can be where some people start.
  8. The Be My Valentine Little Debbie treats. Listen. I don’t care what you think of me for eating these they’re freaking delicious.
  9. Mail that isn’t bills. (can I get a hip-hip)
  10. All games that involve conversation hearts and remembering the bliss that was 3rd grade receiving the Be Mine valentine. You can relive those moments and find happiness.


  1. Kristin Myers says

    I “heart” this. Especially the part about the moment you decide the pieces of paper are, in fact, trash. I can relate.

  2. says

    I love adding in some pops of red and pink and hearts among my winter decor. And planting flowers in our flower garden in “Valentine” colors. Instead of a bouquet, Troy bring me to the nursery and I pick out what I want there to plant, and then I get to enjoy them for months instead a couple days! Bonus that I get all that for about 25% of the cost of a dozen roses on February 14. ;-)