Learning Lessons – Stuff you like to do


Life goes really fast.

It’s easy to go from one load of laundry to the next, to cleaning, to work, to wiping a dirty face, to cleaning dirty paws and then the day is done.

Your head hits the pillow.

You’re out.

Before you even realized that an entire day passed without doing anything that lights you up that other side of your brain – speaks to your creative side – makes the time pass in an effortless ease way and not a “did I just live through today way”.

The thing about creativity is that it needs space to exhale – at least mine can’t.  I can’t schedule it in between 10:15-10:25.

This weekend there was time to exhale. We went to the farmers market, watched a lot of HGTV and I took photos.  And when Monday came I was ready to get into it. And we had a lot of fresh pickles to eat. It’s all upside on the slow down.




Subtraction Project Popular Prompt: Mentioning your Unmentionables

Dire Warning no. 21: Always wear clean underwear.


(you can buy this super cute print on etsy)

To the brave men that read this blog – you have a warning:  you can participate in today or you can pass but you may not judge. Today we’re opening our top drawer – our delicates – our unmentionables – our undies and our shapewear.  

Here’s the truth: I want to feel sexy.  I want to walk into a room and feel like I am HOT.  Do you want that too?  I can tell you that it’s a lot harder to feel like that when your undies have seen far far better days.

Is it vain?  Yup, maybe a bit.  I’m alright with that.  I may be wearing yoga pants more days than not and my eyeliner may be completely wrong but underneath all of that I am smokin’ hot.  This became even more important after I became a Mom because it would be all too easy to forget that there is a passionate human being underneath this nurturing life sustaining work I’m doing.

Does it have to be fancy? Nope. Can it be sourced directly from Target? Yes, ma’am.

Requirement: it makes you feel HOT.

BONUS Items that weren’t in the original Subtraction Project before we get to the steps:

  • I have a few shapewear items that are purchased for a specific dress (or jumpsuit – yup, I have a jumpsuit).  Instead of them being in the drawer taking up space and being looked over and shoved in the corner I hang them on the interior of the hanger for that specific dress.
  • Full disclosure I know that I SHOULD wash my bras by hand but “ain’t no body got time for that” so I’ve gone ahead and ordered one of these mesh bags so they’re not hanging in the wash.  I should also note that I found this instruction on shower washing with your bras that is REALLY interesting to me. Have you done this? Weigh in.
  • Another part of feeling sexy is feeling like you’ve taken good care of your body and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brown sugar body scrub. It’s DIY so no trip to Sephor or Ulta is needed.

Step One

Go through your underwear.  If they make you cringe throw them in the garbage.  If they make you feel awesome note the brand and style and put it on your ADD list.

I know we’re all about subtracting but in this one instance you should know that you should add if your current supply is not doing it’s job.

It’s not all about comfort though. If you have some that sacrifice comfort for extreme hotness circle a date in April that you’re going to wear them and be ready to wow your person.  (partners everywhere are going to love #subtractionproject)
 BUY NEW!     

Step Two

Go to your bras and shapewear.  Check the straps and note any that may need repair.  If it is uncomfortable, if wearing it has you singing the “if your ears hang low song”, or if it’s not the right size, toss them.

I’m all about the spanx. What I’m not all about is circulation being cut off.  So if you bought a size smaller hoping for size smaller results but got blue feet instead throw those guys out.

Donating items like this is rarely accepted but since the original prompt we’ve found a NUMBER of places that do. So check around.

Step Three

Hosiery and socks.  It’s always the morning of a big meeting that I discover that I don’t have a single pair of hose without a run in them.

Tip: If you are okay with a run in hose for certain outfits put a knot in the leg that has the run so you’re in the know before you get them all the way on.

Socks without matches: give them 2 weeks to surface and then make puppets.


Most Popular prompts from the Subtraction Project – What Happens Next?


Back in April we took on 30 days of Subtraction Challenges and right now I’m working on our next round of 30 days worth of challenges (want to contribute – take the survey) but before I finish up those plans I wanted to look back at some of the most popular prompts from the last time!

Most Popular Prompt:
Your Ride Needs Some Subtraction

round-carOne of the most popular prompts from the first time around was all about our cars…I’m not going to even talk about the things I have seen in my car at various points.  I’m just going to say that we should tackle it today ( and probably more frequently than we actually do)


  • Bring a garbage bag with you and the recycle bin.
  • If you have multiple family members bring one of those reusable grocery bags for each so you can throw things in the bags for each person to put in the *right* places or hold as ransom. (FUN!)
  • Wipe down the surfaces and vacuum. Do not delay – all that stuff can appear again faster than wine can be poured.
  • Put back what’s necessary and house things that make sense in the right places. In the summer we keep a cooler in the back – just makes sense for our life – in the winter we keep a sled because impromptu sledding is a crazy fun adventure.
  • Car trip makers? Check out this thing from Amazon it is SO helpful in controlling the chaos of kids in the backseat.

A few new Tips that weren’t in the first Subtraction Project:

  • Use an empty tissue box to hold your used plastic grocery bags – pull one out when you’re waiting in line or at a pick-up to collect garbage.
  • Keep clorox wipes in your glove box to wipe down your steering wheel. (Need alarming stats to spur this action: The interior of the car harbours nine times more bacteria than a public toilet seat.)
  • Pick up a box of baking soda  intended for your fridge from the grocery store and then stick that under your drivers seat.  It will absorb some funky odors for less than a buck.

Ready to jump in:

Brand new to Subtraction Project?

About six years ago my life was not working. So much of it was really not “adding up” and I did what any reasonable woman does: I went to Target.  And I added more.  I added stuff, complications, weight, a whole lot of negative self talk, an unhealthy dose of doubt and debt.  I’d love to say that one day I woke up as Oprah does every day all full of A-Ha! Moments and promptly got all my shit together.  That didn’t happen.  It was a slow and steady process of saying to myself in the quiet moments: Okay Cass, instead of adding, lets subtract.  And you know what I found? Something that felt a whole lot like harmony.

For a while I just kept on doing this equation quietly in my own life, but then I decided I would share my “stuff” subtractions with the world in April as The Subtraction Project (if you sign up today you’ll be included in the monthly newsletter and the next full 30 days which we’re figuring out when to do next…it will be soon!).  Lots of people agreed subtracting helped their life add up. And that’s why we’re here today.

Rinse, Wash, Notice, Repeat

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This week I will.


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