#AddingAwesome – we all have room for this!

AddingDailyAwesomeThe latest round of #SubtractionProject is nearly a wrap and we are two days away from October.  Part of me can’t really believe it. In less than 100 days we’ll have a new little member of the family in our midst.  That really blows my mind.  This weekend I had a little time to read and I picked up a book by Louise Hay and this line has been on my heart since I first read it:

“How you start your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is the way you live your life.”

~ Louise L. Hay

Isn’t it just amazing? How you live your day is the way you live your life. Just, wow. As I’m reading this line and listening to it play through the background of my weekend I just had this overwhelming pull.

I want to live an amazing life. I want to live all the days. I want to see the joy, search out the fun, marinate in the good stuff. I don’t want to find myself wishing away weeks, days or hours of this life. We only get one.  So if I want to live an amazing life than it needs to start with daily awesome.

For the 31 days of October I’m going to post a daily prompt for #AddingAwesome and I would LOVE it if you would join me.

Step One: Follow along either on Facebook or Instagram

Step Two: Do something that generates that up-turn of your lips until you have a smile.

Step Three: Document your gratitude with a little #AddingAwesome love. It’s contagious and worth spreading inspiration.

Is your turn signal on?

Turn-Signal-OnHave you been driving someplace and been stuck behind someone that had their turn signal on? It’s a little annoying because you’re not sure if they’re just one of those people that likes to give a LOT of advance notice on the turn or if it’s on accidentally.

Earlier today this was me, finally it became clear that the person was one of those early-alert turn signal users and I was angry yelling at them the way you do at a football game on the TV:

“just turn already!”

It was as the words were coming out of my mouth that I realized something:  I’ve been living with my turn signal on.  I’ve been thinking about a direction that I want to turn and coming to the realization that I need to “just turn already” came at me full speed. And then I realized that I have a lot of turn signals on and it was time to assess all of these turns:

Is it time to turn or is your turn signal on accidentally?

Do you want to find out?  Here’s what I did…

Make a list of all the ways in which my “turn-signal” has been on.  All the things I’ve been waiting on.  All the things I thought I’d start someday, usually a few weeks ago, sometimes a few weeks from now.  I have to tell you: It was a long list.

Next I looked at each of the items and asked myself if I actually wanted to turn. So many of them I didn’t. I thought I should or that I could.  But I didn’t actually want to turn.  So I crossed them right off the list.  Turning those signals OFF.

For the ones that I want to turn into I had two questions: Can I turn right now and what do I need to do?  This generated a pretty hefty to-do list and I realized that for so many of them I needed to take one turn in order to make the next.  Coming up with a progression gave me a LOT of peace and ease.  I had given myself permission to take one turn at a time and it was AMAZINGLY freeing and kind.  The other wonderful thing is: if I don’t like the direction I’m going I can stop – I haven’t started ALL of the turns to a place where I find myself lost in tasks.

Do you have a lot of turn signals on? I’m playing around with the idea of helping people through this process. Would you like to do a video chat to get to the place where you aren’t driving around with your turn signal on?  I’d love to help. Send me an email.  


Free Video Series : 3 Steps to Simplified Style and the thing it’s subtracting

Why is it that whenever I actually want to feel beautiful it seems that my coset, my body, my hair and my face are all in a state of revolt?

I’m for subtracting those tears before the big event.

I’m for subtracting the pile of clothing that accumulates at the bottom of my closet floor as the rejects.

I’m for subtracting the “I have nothing to wear” script when my closet is clearly stating otherwise.

This free video series (from Hilary Rushford) packs a punch and a kick to subtract those things for good. You should check it out.


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Dear Lexi – fragile things


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Subtraction Project! We start again in September!


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