Dear Lexi – fragile things



Dear Lexi,

This weekend we found a frog in Grandma Sandy’s yard.  After lots of attempts you were able to hold him – in awe of how fragile he was, how scared he was to be in your big hands and how brave he was to jump blindly out of your hands to go home.  This frog and I have a lot in common my sweet girl.  You have a lot in common with him too. We all do.

There are so many vulnerable sentences to fill in this space and I’ll be honest with you I am just not that brave today. But I will say this.

When you are holding something as delicate as a frog or another persons heart or self worth – be gentle.

When you notice that someone is scared – try to help.

When you see someone demonstrate bravery beyond your comprehension – be inspired.

When you find yourself scared of where you are – be brave enough to come home. Here you will always be welcome, loved and safe.

When you feel fragile be thoughtful about the people you put in your life. There are so many people that love you so please don’t spend one day wondering where you could turn because there are so many places.

When you jump – know that you’ll land on your feet.

And if you get swept up by some gentle giant I hope you have an adventure just like this frog and think: this world is so big anything can happen.

My sweet girl. I love you more than all the words could write – more than all the stars could shine. Every day I give you my best and I’m so proud to be your Mommy.




Subtraction Project! We start again in September!


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In One Month the next phase of Subtraction Project kicks-off.

I am so flipping excited about Septembers Subtraction project.  I love the fresh start that September feels like – I don’t know if it’s the fall, the break from the summer, the school buses that cut me off but it all just gets me really excited.  We’ve got some really amazing updates for this round of the #subtractionproject like:

  • Brand new prompts – don’t worry your favorites will still be in the mix too but each day there is something that’s never before seen.
  • Ways to delegate things to your loved ones and scripts.  Some of them are literal laugh out loud moments and some of them border on threats but the bottom line is: This doesn’t ALL have to fall on you and I’m gonna help you enable the people in your home to take on a little bit more.
  • Video. It’s happening. I wanted to do it last time and I frankly was a big basket of scared and while it does freak me out a fair bit and I’m the kind of girl that gets pregnant EVERYWHERE (those of you with pregnant bumps I envy you) I’m going to just put myself out there and give you video because if I’m not brave enough to do it now, when will I be?
  • Recaps.  Each week on Saturday there will be a recap and a little bonus challenge featuring all of YOUR successes this way if you get swamped on Thursday you will get access to the prompt again on Saturday without keeping that email in your inbox.

Would you help me spread the word?
I’d love it if you did.  

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Dear Lexi on your 6th Birthday

Dear Lexi,

Tomorrow morning you will wake up and you will find yourself six years old.  The amazement at this is felt by all – you’re so excited about being six and I simply can’t believe that it’s possible that you are six.

Some things I want to remember about five-year-old Lexi:

  • Your world got a whole lot bigger this year and at each exciting turn you captured the joy in the moment and you thrived. I am so proud of the little girl you are.
  • You started Kindergarten off at East Rochester and there you faced some new things for you: not all people are nice. This really shocked you and the innocence of that is touching and made all my mama bear instincts flare up.  You are braver than you know Lex, you always have been.  You finished off kindergarten at Fairport and the first day the yellow school bus pulled up to our house you gave me an extra squeeze and waved.  That was it.
  • Clothing is something you take very seriously – picking your own outfits is something that is a mandatory at this point and I can pretty much count on an immediate no on anything that’s suggested by me.
  • You love House Hunters and pretty much anything on HGTV and I have to admit that I love our times snuggling on the couch watching these shows. Especially when you look at it with your eyes a little scrunched up and say things like: you know that’s just not my style.
  • Your on the school bus ritual evolved from a simple hug to several squeezes, kissing hands and then a physical display of X and O’s that at time must be done with hands, whole arms and at the extreme multiple people creating X and O’s out of their bodies.  It’s a sight and a sign of how very loved you are.
  • Bedtime has been at times a difficult time for you as it now includes: peace & calm spray, shaking of bad dreams out, a series of hugs and the giving of a great dream.  Your requirements for dream whispering (as it’s known here) are seriously involved.  There are days that I think of a great dream and I write it down so that I have one for you. I frequently try to pass off “french toast for breakfast” as a dream (Dad makes the BEST french toast) and it’s usually deemed “too short”.
  • What you watch on tv is highly regulated because you are a fine actress and can somehow take on these shows attitudes with just 20 minutes of exposure – it’s nuts Lex.
  • You are more athletic than I thought a child of mine could be and Linds should take a lot of the credit for that. You’re REALLY great a soccer and your enthusiasm to try new sports makes me so excited for all your gym class days.
  • Your hearing is impeccable especially if we’re talking about something that you’d like further details on. You ask great questions and you really appreciate us being considerate and asking if you have questions about stuff.  We give you answers and your satisfaction with them makes me think you’re closer to 12 than just 6.

I’m so proud of you Lex and that will always be true.  Continue to throw that smile around like sunlight.  Sing Katy Perry as long and as loud as you can handle it. Say please and no, thank you. Drink more water. And no, just how loved you are – because it’s so much doodle, just so so much.



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